2018 Lighthouse Lecture Series

Point Arena Lighthouse is pleased to present the fifth season of the popular Lighthouse Lecture Series. Each presentation takes place in the Fog Signal Building Museum on the third Saturday of the month and features a local naturalist, historian, volunteer or expert presenting on topics of public interest relevant to the Lighthouse or our area. Lectures in September through May will begin at 4 p.m. lectures in June through August will begin at 5 p.m.  All lectures last approximately one hour. This year’s lineup is as follows:

Saturday, January 20, 4 p.m.  – Isaac Rios on Through Native Eyes

Saturday, February 17, 4 p.m. – Jodi Smith on Orcas

Saturday, March 17, 4 p.m. – Sara Bogard on California Sea Lions

Saturday, April 21, 4 p.m. – Scott Mercer on Gray Whale Migration and Census

Saturday, May 19, 4 p.m. – Nancy Morin on Point Arena Lighthouse Wildflower Wonderland

Saturday, June 16, 5 p.m. – TBD

Saturday, July 21, 5 p.m. – Larry Jacobs on Point Arena Lighthouse in the Coast Guard Historian and National Archives

All remaining lectures are TBD but will take place on the third Saturday of the month (5 p.m. August, 4 p.m. September through December).

Admission to all lectures is $5 per person, with the proceeds benefiting the Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers, Inc.  To make reservations or for more information on our lecture series and other special events, see our Calendar of Events or call the Lighthouse at 707-882-2809 extension 1.

Spotlight On Our Next Lecture

Saturday, January 20 at 4 p.m.

On Saturday, January 20 at 4 p.m. Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers, Inc. Lead Tour Guide Isaac Rios will present “Through Native Eyes,” joined by guest speakers Javier Silva, Sherwood Valley tribal EPA Director, Patricia Mikkelsen and Adrian Whitaker, Far Western Archaeologists.  This fascinating, informative and important talk will highlight the ongoing efforts of many Native American tribes to protect their culture, history and sacred lands in the face of global warming and climate change.

Isaac is a member of the local Manchester Band of Pomo Indians and has been involved with a climate change research project over the past year. He has collaborated with tribal representatives from three neighboring tribes and two archaeologists on the project. Isaac is passionate about his people being recognized as Stewards of the Land, here on the Northern California coast and inland, and will share the work he has been doing with other concerned tribal members and organizations.  He will give an indigenous perspective of climate change and the effects on the Mendocino coast, and have a western perspective with two archaeologists of the Far Western anthropological research group.

Future Lectures

On Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 4 p.m. Nancy R. Morin will present “Point Arena Lighthouse Wildflower Wonderland” as part of the Lighthouse Lecture Series.  The land immediately around the Point Arena Lighthouse has been protected from grazing for many years and hosts one of the best displays of coastal bluff shrubs and grassland wildflowers on the coast. Just beyond the lighthouse there is also a surprising diversity of other habitats, with wetlands, moist banks, woodlands, and various grassland types. There are exciting and beautiful plants to discover throughout the year in our area.

Nancy received her Ph.D. in Botany at University of California Berkeley, was a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian, then worked in various positions at Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis for 15 years, after which she was Executive Director of the professional organization for botanical gardens and then executive director at The Arboretum at Flagstaff. She moved to Point Arena full time in 2004 to continue her research on the bellflower family and to work on a massive multi-institutional project to publish a Flora of North America north of Mexico. She is president of the local chapter of the California Native Plant Society and president of Friends of Coast Community Library.